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Win 789 Apk Download and Mega Casino Apk Download


Win 789 Apk Download | Win 789 App Download | Win 789 | Win 788 App | Win 789 Apk | Bonus 22 | Withdraw 600
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Win 789
20 MB
Mega Casino

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Friends, if you are looking for New Rummy App, on which you also get a Sign-up Bonus, then you must download Win 789 Apk. Win 789 App has just been launched, on which you can win real cash by playing Card Type related games.

Which you can Withdraw from your Bank Account. The win789 Apk Download link is given in the table and article below, by clicking on the link you can easily download Win789 App.

Win 789 Apk Live Payment Proof
Win 789 Apk Live Payment Proof
Win 789 Apk Download and Mega Casino Apk Download

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How to About Mega Casino Apk?

Win 789 Application Contains Potential For Financial Risk Please It Can Be Addictive Please Play It Carefully And Play On Your Mobile. 18+only

App NameMega Casino
Size19.5 MB
Sign Up BonusRs.22
Min. WithdrawRs.600
Invite Code2025957
Official WebsiteClick Here

How to Download Win 789 App?

If you guys want to download the Win789 application, then it is very easy, by clicking on the download button given below, you can easily download and win a lot of money.

Win 789 Apk Download and Mega Casino Apk Download

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  1. Step 1. First of all click on the download button given below.
  2. Step 2. On clicking the button, you will go to the official site of the Win789 App.
  3. Step 3. You can download Win789 Apk by clicking on Download.

Type Of Game In Win789 App

There are 11 games in the Win 789 application that you can play and win money by playing it has many types of games like Betting, casual, poker, and sports.

Win 789 Game's Name
Win 789 Game’s Name

Betting Game’s List

Game’s NameGame’s Name
Dragon TigerAndar Bahar
Crash7 Up Down
Cricket BattleBest of Five
Three DiceRed vs Black
Jhandi MundaBig & Small

Casual Game’s List

Game’s NameGame’s Name

Poker Game’s List

Game’s Name
Teen Patti
Black Jack
Point Rummy

Slots Game’s List

Game’s NamePhoenix
God of FortuneFortune Bulls
CleopatraClassic 5 Dragon

Sports Game’s List

Game’s Name
Cricket Battle
BTI Sports

How to Win 789 App Login?

You will be successfully logged in to the Win789 App, and you will get a bonus of Rs.22. You can play games present in the Win789 App.

Mega Casino Register
Mega Casino Register
  1. Step 1. First of all open the Win789 App.
  2. Step 2. Then click on Right Side Register Mobile.
  3. Step 3. Now log in by entering your Mobile Number & Password.

Win 789 App Refer & Earn

Friends, you can easily earn Rs 5000 daily under Win 789 App/Win 789 Refer & Earn Program. Which you can withdraw from the bank account.

You can get a 3% Win/Lose Amount commission in Win789 App. Read the process given below, and earn by referral from Win789 App.

Win 789 Refer&Earn
Win 789 Refer&Earn
  1. Step- First of all open the Mega Casino App.
  2. Step- Then click on Refer & Earn above.
  3. Step- Share your Referral Link on Whatsapp & Facebook.
  4. Step- Any user downloads the Mega Casino App from your link, then if Step- plays a game of 1000 rupees. So you will get 30 rupees.

Win789 Free Bonus by Referring Friend!

Refer via invite code, social channels, or directly using the link. Your friend registers and starts playing games. Claim your rewards at 7:30 AM on the ”Share” page.

Terms & Conditions

  • Friends registered through your invite link or invite code will be regarded as your referrals.
  • In order to get the referral reward, the invited friends need to fill in the invite code when registering or upgrading.
  • You are eligible for a reward only after the invited friends start playing the games.
  • If the invited friend has previously created an account on Win 789, then you will not get a bonus from this referral.
  • For any inquiries, please contact our 24-hour customer service.
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What is an unlimited referral program?

Unlike other platforms that only count direct referrals, the reward from indirect referrals is very little. Our platform can be extended infinitely downward, and the reward will never decrease. The further back you go, the more reward you will get.

Why are the reward ratio different for different games?

Because different games have different requirements, we highly recommend you play the games with a higher commission ratio.

Win 789 App Withdraw

The minimum Withdrawal is only 600 rupees in Win 789 App, you can withdraw money in your bank account as soon as you get 600 rupees.

By reading the process given below, you can easily start money from Win789 App.

win 789 withdraw
win 789 withdraw
  1. Step. First of all open the Mega Casino App.
  2. Step. Then click on the Withdraw Button given below.
  3. Step. Add Bank Account by clicking on Add Bank Account.
  4. Step. Withdraw the amount of money you want to withdraw by entering it.

Note: – Withdraw Amount will be credited to your bank account in a maximum of 24 hours.


Win 789 App UPT 301+10001

Event time: 20:00-20:30 each Saturday night


1st Time: Deposit Rs 200+ in the last 3 months to participate
2nd Time: Deposit Rs 1000+ before the end of the 2nd event to participate
JOKER: It is possible to win the grand prize? of 10001 for the 2nd time

Please click on Lucky Dra in the upper right of the lobby for more details
The more you deposit on the day of the event, the more the reward you will get

How to get Rewards in Win 789?

Your commission level is determined by your team’s cumulative bet amount. Your commission = Your referrals* bet amount * reward ratio + Sub-referrals’ bet amount * (Your reward ratio – Referrals’ reward ratio) More Referrals & Get Unlimited Cash. Earn (200000 easily!

win 789 rewards

Be a Game Promoter Claim a Daily Salary

  • No Cost- Invite others to play together, and the commission is coming to you.
  • High Commission- Up to 50%. Higher promotor level, higher commission rate.
  • Direct to multi-level subordinates is working for you!
  • Various Ways- Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media
  • Settlement Term- Daily settlement. Any recharge from your subordinates will generate commission for you!

Higher VIP Level More VIP Bonus

Deposit €2000+ to join the VIP club, and enjoy privileges blew

  • Level Up Bonus- Distributed immediately after the upgrade
  • Rebate Bonus- Distributed 10:00 AM on 1st based on the VIP Level last month
  • Free Bonus- Distributed 10:00 AM on the 11th based on the VIP Level last month
  • Member Bonus- Adventure task from 21st to 25th on VIP member’s day
  • Birthday Bonus- Distributed 10:00 AM on your birthday
  • Festive Bonus- Distributed 10:00 AM on major festivals
  • Surprise Bonus- Deposit or play games to trigger the reward
  • Survey Bonus- Join the survey to get an unexpected reward

Note: If all of you add 2000 rupees as cash, then you will be called VIP 1. There is good news. You get to see a lot of bonuses.

Win 789 apk Live Payment Proof!

If friends are thinking of downloading the Win 789 App, then this is a very good app. I want to give you the payment proof so that people can believe that Win 789 App is giving money, then you can see it in the picture given below.

Win 789 Apk Live Payment Proof
Win 789 Apk Live Payment Proof

Note- The amount should be a multiple of 100, for less than 1000, Rs 10 will be charged by the channel, and for more than 1000, 1% will be charged.


All users can participate in this event. Please click on surprises in the upper right of the lobby for more details.


  1. Complete the tasks within the specified time, the reward will be issued per stage.
  2. The next stage task can only be started after the current stage is completed.
  3. If other tasks are in progress, you cannot receive this Surprise Mission.

Questionnaire Invitation in Win 789

Congratulations, you were selected to participate in the questionnaire survey. You only need to spend a few minutes filling it out, and you can get a free bonus, of up to 310001!

How to participate:

Step 1: Copy the 7-digit ID in the Profile, if incorrect there is no reward.
Step 2: Click the [Go] button below to go to the survey page
Step 3: Paste the copied ID in 1st question (very important)

Tips in Win 789

1. Only users invited via email can participate, only once.
2. Time to complete: 10:00, March 20th – 23:59, March 26th
3. Bonuses will be issued before 6 pm the following day, up to Rs.10001

Bonus Harian in Win 789

Win 789 in Increase the VIP level, log in every day, and deposit before receiving rewards to get a greater bonus! In a way, you can also call it Daily Checking.

Bonus Harian in Win 789
  1. The higher the VIP level, the more rewards
  2. The more consecutive days you claim the daily bonus, the higher the reward coefficient
  3. If the bonus is not claimed for one day, the number of consecutive days will be recalculated
  4. Complete the specified deposit requirements before claiming the bonus to get more rewards
  5. Bonus amount = initial reward * consecutive days multiplier* deposit multiplier

For example:- the initial reward is 75, a user claimed bonuses for 6 consecutive days, and he completed the deposit requirement of 2500, consecutive days multiplier = 1.8, deposit multiplier = 2; today’s bonus amount =5*1.8 *2=18

VIP Benefit Notice

The National Day Bonus will be distributed on January 26 at 10:00 AM. The higher the VIP level, the more unmissable bonus amount up to Rs 70,000!

Login Bonus

Congratulations on getting Rs.0.854 in the login event!
Please click to claim your login bonus.
Wellness Tips: Deposit 100 or more in the last 3 months, and you’ll receive a BIG BONUS during the login event!
The more you deposit, the more rewards you will get.

Rules & Funds Safety

  • The amount will be credited within 15 minutes after payment, please wait patiently.
  • Please provide UTR/UPI REF NO after payment.
  • please make sure to pay according to the order amount.
  • please check the payee, account number, and amount.
  • Do Not keep historical transaction accounts for the new transfer.

Tips: If not credited after 15 minutes, Please provide the recharge voucher to appeal.

How to get support from customers?

If you want to take support in Win 789 app, then you will see the option of support on the home page. Click on it. As you click on the option of support, then an option of HELP CENTER will open to you.

In which you will find many categories of problems. Whatever is your problem, choose one category from it. Your problem will be welcomed in no time.


How much do you get Sign Up bonus in this application?

Sign Up Bonus Rs.22

What is the minimum withdrawal in this application?

Minimum Withdraw Rs.600

How much is the Invite code for this application?

Invite Code 2025957

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