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Rummy Dash App Rummy Dash Rummy Apk on Bonus 50

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If friends like to play rummy dash, then can download Rummy Dash Apk. Also known as Dash Slots. Either one can speak.

Step 1 – In which signup bonus gives ₹ 50.
Step 2 – The minimum withdrawal is ₹ 100.
Step 3 – You can easily earn money sitting at home with Rummy Dash App.
Step 4 – Stay tuned in this article, I am going to tell you many more things to you guys which are important for you guys.

About Rummy Dash APK?

Rummy Dash application involves financial risk. It can be addictive. Please play it at your own risk and please only people above 18+ years of age.

App NameRummy Dash/Dash Slots
Min. Withdraw₹100
Min. Add Cash₹30
Official WebsiteClick Here

How to Download Rummy Dash App?

If friends want to download Rummy APK, then

click here button

Click Here to Button

Step 1 – Click on the given download button.
Step 2 – As you download by clicking on it
Step 3 – So you install it on your mobile phone as you install it.
Step 4 – Open it as you open it, then you will see many options.
Step 5 – First of all you have to enter your mobile number password and OTP.
Step 6 – As you enter the OTP password, your application login will be successful.

How to Register Rummy App?

First to register in Rummy App

rummy dash register
rummy dash register

Step 1 – You have to provide your mobile number password and OTP.
Step 2 – As you feel all this more appropriately. If you click on register then you will be successfully registered.
Step 3 – You will get ₹ 50 as a Signup Bonus in your Wallet which you can also play the game
Step 4 – By winning money also you can send it to your account.
Step 5 – If you do not want to register for all this, then two more options are given.
Step 6 – If you register with both of these from Facebook and with your email id, then you will not be given a bonus of ₹ 50.

Which games are supported in Rummy Dash?

support has been given in Rummy App, which is named Teen Patti, Point Rummy, and Fruit Dynasty, by playing games with these three games, you can easily earn money sitting at home.

rummy dash game support
rummy dash game support

How to Add Money Rummy Dash APK?

If friends want to add money to the Rummy App

rummy dash add cash
rummy dash adds cash

Step 1 – First you have to click on the address.
Step 2 – Click on Add cash, then a list of adding money will appear.
Step 3 – Simply click on the amount of money you want to add.
Step 4 – After that click on Add cash. You will be taken to Google Chrome when you click on Add cash.
Step 5 – Whatever UP ID you use. You can add money to this game by paying it like this.

How to VIP Member Rummy Dash?

If friends become VIP members then none of your withdrawals are going to get stuck and from the above friends, you will get a bonus for 30 days

rummy dash vip
rummy dash VIP

Step 1 – To become a VIP member, first, you have to add ₹ 100 to yours.
Step 2 – After that, you can become a VIP member here too.

How to Customer Care Support?

Friends, if you face any problem then you can take customer support.

Step 1 – To take customer support, first of all, a small icon will appear for customer service.
Step 2 – You have to click on it as you click, friends, here you will get a lot of options.
Step 3 – There will be many options like Withdrawal KYC Minimum Withdrawal All to Bank Card.
Step 4 – On which you click, you will be told about that.

Teen Patti Master GIF
Teen Patti Master GIF

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