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Royally Rummy MOD Apk Download | 51 Bonus | Redeem 100

Royally Rummy MOD Apk Download | 51 Bonus | Redeem 100 | Royally Rummy MOD App | Royally Rummy MOD Download | Royally Rummy
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Royally Rummy MOD Apk
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Royally Rummy MOD
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Friends, many Royally Rummy MOD Apk have been launched now and with this, today in this article also another new and exciting Royally Rummy MOD APK has been launched for you in which you are getting a 51 Sign-Up Bonus.

royally rummy mod

Now you can not only use this bonus to play the game, but along with it, you will also love to know that the limit of ₹ 100 has been kept in this application for taking withdrawals.

Download Royally Rummy Mod Apk

If you talk about Royally Rummy Mod Apk Download, the application is a type of online earning application, in which you earn money online by playing games like rummy and teen patti, and the best thing about it, is it also comes out that in this You people not only get card games, apart from this you also get many different types of support that you can play inside this app.

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Royally Rummy Launch Date

As friends, you should know about the Royally Rummy Mod Apk application, this application has been launched by the company with Holy Rummy, which is going to be a very interesting application, and this application has been launched on 25 March 2022. Whenever the application will be launched, I am going to update it first on this website, so you guys will keep visiting this website to get all the information about this application.

Register in Royally Rummy MOD Apk

Now if you guys have come to know about Royally Rummy MOD Apk and have also downloaded this application, you will get through this download link of ours. So now you people should also know in the shift creating account inside this that how you will get the bonus by creating your account inside Royally Rummy MOD Apk because if you guys make a mistake then you may not get the bonus then you People create an account inside this application in the following way.

royally rummy mod apk withdrawal
  • When you guys download the Royally Rummy Mod application, after that it is very important to install it in your smartphone, after that open the application.
  • As soon as you open it, you will come to the home page of this application, in which you will have to bind your mobile number to get the bonus.
  • To bind the mobile number, you have to click on the profile button, after that the option of Bind will appear in front of you.
  • After clicking on the Bind button, enter your mobile number and after setting the password, fill in the OTP and click on confirm.
  • After doing this, you guys have to create your account inside this app, and in this, you will get a bonus of ₹ 51 immediately.

Games are in the Royally Rummy MOD

By the way, in all the Royally Rummy MOD APK that is coming recently, you are getting a lot of support for games inside all the applications, so there is no need to think that you get less game support in this, Even inside this, you get to see the support of many games in which you can play games like Rummy and Teen Patti as well as Dragon Tiger.

royally rummy mod game
Game’s NameGame’s Name
ICC T20Teen Patti
Dragon TigerLudo
7 Up DownRummy
Car RouletteVariation
Zoo RoulettePoker
Andar BaharBaccarat
Crash10 Cards
SportsBest of Five
RouletteBlack Jack
Teen Patti 20-20Fishing Rush

Play All These Games in Royally Rummy

Friends, all the games in Royally Rummy MOD APK are good. But whatever the trending game is, I have written something about it, you can be thankful.

  • Crash – Friends Crash is a game in which the rocket flies, the higher it goes, the more money gets multiplied. If you stop the rocket at the right time before the crash (explosion), then your profit becomes.
  • Ludo – Friends Ludo is such a game that everyone must know how to play. Whoever does home first. Those are the winners.
  • Dragon vs Tiger – Friends Dragon Tiger is a game in which there are three types of slots. Wherever the big leaf comes, it is the WIN. Two get 2× money, and one gets 9× money.
  • 3Patti – Friends 3Patti is a game that plays 5 Plyer sitting together. The one who has the largest card in the given card of the dealer is the WIN.
  • Andar Bahar – Friends Andar Bahar is a game in which there are two slots. Both sides get 2× the money. The card given by the dealer where the largest leaf appears is the WIN.
  • 7 Up Down – Friends, 7Up Down is a game in which there are three slots. Where the big leaf comes, it is the WIN. Two get 2× money, and one gets 9× money.
  • Best Of Five – Best of Five is a game where you get five cards, if the card dealt by the dealer matches the card shown by him, then that player will win and he will get the money he won.
  • Fishing Rush – Fishing Rush is such a game, if you are export in dying fish, then you can earn a lot of money by killing fish in this game.
  • Car Roulette – Friends Car Roulette is a game in which there are 8 slots. 40 times, 30 times, 20 times, 10 times, and 4 slots are 5 times. If you keep investing money in the dealer’s given, it will be Win.

Share in Royally Rummy Mod Apk

If you people have created your account inside the Royally Rummy MOD APK, then you people would also like to earn money, for which a very good program share is given in it which you can earn money by sharing it with your friends. It is programmed in such a way that if you invite your friend and if your friend recharges ₹ 1000 or above, then you get a free bonus of up to ₹ 100, how do you get it? Its information is as follows –

royally rummy mod apk share
  • Invite 1st Friend & Get ₹80
  • Invite 2nd Friend & Get ₹90
  • Invite 3rd Friend & Get ₹100
  • And Any Other After 3 Friends Invite You Can Get ₹100 Every Invite.

Note: – This bonus given above is valid only when your friends will recharge above ₹ 1000 that too after creating the account for the first time.

Invite & Earn Commission in Royally Rummy MOD

If you have invited a lot of players, then there is a very good Refer & Earn commission program for you, in which you can get up to 30% commission, this 30% company shows just for show, Really never get that much, but whatever you get, you guys can get your commission through Royally Rummy MOD Apk referral program.

For this, a Refer & Earn button has been given on the left side of the home page itself. As soon as you click on it, a page with all your commissions will open in front of you, in which you can get your commission by clicking on the Claim button for the people.

Weekly Bonus in Royally Rummy Mod

This is a program which is mainly designed for the promoters. Only and only complete motor can be taken advantage of Royally Rummy MOD Apk, people who earn money by referring, in this if you people get a referral commission of more than ₹ 1000, then you get an additional ₹ 500 weekly bonus on it, this is beyond. Many different amounts are available in different ways, whose information you can see in the list given below –

  • Earn 1000 – 3000 & Get Weekly ₹500
  • Earn 1001 – 5000 & Get Weekly ₹1000
  • Earn 5001 – 8000 & Get Weekly ₹3000
  • Earn 8001 – 10000 & Get Weekly ₹6000
  • Earn 10001 – 15000 & Get Weekly ₹10000
  • Earn 15001 – 20000 & Get Weekly ₹15000
  • Earn 20001 – 30000 & Get Weekly ₹20000
  • Earn 30001 – 50000 & Get Weekly ₹30000
  • Earn 50001 – 80000 & Get Weekly ₹60000
  • Earn 80001 – 100000 & Get Weekly ₹100000
  • Earn 1000001 – 999999999 & Get Weekly ₹200000

Add Cash Program in Royally Rummy Mod

Add Cash is a program with the help of which you people can add your money inside this game, suppose the bonus you are getting in Royally Rummy MOD Apk is not enough for you people then you would also like to add some extra amount to the people, which That you guys can do with the help of this Add Cash program and what is the best thing about it is that you can also add a minimum of ₹ 11, which is very easy and very simple, you can use the following methods. You can add money to it by using it.

  • Step 1: – The first step in this is to click on the Add Cash button located on the home page.
  • Step 2: – In the second, you will get a lot of options amount in front of you, from which choose any amount you like, then click on the Add Cash button.
  • Step 3: – On adding cash for the first time, you have to do KYC, in which you have to give your mobile number or email id.
  • Step 4: – Then the payment page comes in front of you in which you can add your money by paying with any payment method.
  • Step 5: – After the successful completion of your payment, your amount is safely added to your account.

Royally Rummy Mod Customer Care Number

One thing that is very good about Royally Rummy Mod APK is that you are provided support through Telegram inside this application, so if you guys ever face any problem by chance, then you are very easily given by this company. You can solve your problem by contacting me on Telegram ID.

Telegram ID:-@royallyrummyvip

By chatting on the Telegram ID, you can get the solution to your problem through Telegram on behalf of the company.


Q.1: How much do you get Sign-Up Bonus in Royally Rummy mod?

Ans. Bonus ₹51 is available in the Royally Rummy mod App.

Q.2: What is the minimum withdrawal in Royally Rummy Mod Apk?

Ans. The minimum withdrawal limit in the Rummy Royally mod App is ₹100.

Q.3: When was the Royally Rummy App Launch done?

Ans. Royally Rummy mod Apk is launched in April 2022.

Q.4: What is the maximum withdrawal in Royally Rummy App?

Ans. There is no maximum withdrawal limit.

Q.5: Can we use Multiple Accounts inside this application?

Ans. If you people run more than one account inside the same mobile then the company bans it.

Note – The games provided here involve risk, so I do not suggest adding money inside these games, if you add, you will be responsible for your loss, please play carefully.

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Royally Rummy MOD Apk Download | 51 Bonus | Redeem 100 | Royally Rummy MOD App | Royally Rummy MOD Download | Royally Rummy

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